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2014 Tragedy

Assalamualaikum & Salam Sejahtera.

Year 2014, a lot thing happen. For our country, two major incident that really make tough for our government and also to our Commercial Aircraft Company. One is the incident that make air plane gone missing and another one is being shoot by anti air craft. It happen in two different Continent. MH 307 and MH 17.

Some make it as a conspiracy, some think it may be just a coincident. But for me, it not just happen. It must had a strong reason. Who know what it the reason but it cost a live. Not just a few but hundred.

What ever challenge is, we need to be united as a Malaysian. We should not make any negative statement to our country and our Government, Let them handle with full of courtesy and intelligent.

Lets pray to our lost members in MH….. Do not forget what happen to our beloved Palestinian. Our Brotherhood being slaughtered by Zionis. Kids and women being bombed day and night.

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