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Nowadays, a lot happen in Government lead by DS Najib. more changes happen since last few month after 1MDB issues being rise by the opposition. Some saw good in citizen eyes and some not good. Who are we to judge it without saw the result first.

Malaysian mostly always judge before see the result from their new cabinet. It will not happen in the blink of eyes. It must take time to happen. We need to be patient and always follow the development of the department that had many changes.

Being the Government with cabinet had scandal give them more trouble than solving the problem. That’s what DS Najib do, by dropping their minister who had scandal or might had scandal before being leak by the opposition.

The citizen nowadays are really sensitive when heard about their cabinet had scandal and believe that cabinet must show positive attitude. We should think first before making any action and do not being blind by the opposition.

Some information that leaked by the opposition must’n always true. They desperate to get more supporters in order to win voting and then get to Putrajaya. Even we know the Government had secret and had right to do not inform citizen. They had strong reason to do not tell and also they always think deeper before release  any information to citizen.

They do not want their citizen panic or what so ever, we as a citizen must had faith with the government because we already choose them to do administration.

As a Muslim, of course we want the government lead us in Islamic manners and follow Islamic rule as being informed by our Holly Quran but in current leadership in Islamic Party, are they really follow what Holly Quran says? That’s is a big Question.

Last PRU, Islamic Party make a coalition within a party that already refuse to accept Islamic State and this make more voters had question in their head. Why they make a coalition with party that absolutely refuse to accept Islamic State propaganda.

In State of Kelantan, when the state government announce to declare Hudud and then performing the Hudud Law then the Party declare lost connection with Islamic Party and abuse Islamic Party did not respect the collision had made before. Fortunately Islamic Party stand with their believe and stand behind their leader. This thing really make me respect.

Hopefully it will be continues until they can get to Putrajaya and will lead us into Islamic State and Islamic Government. If they stand with their believe as now, i believe more Islamic citizen will follow them. Just, don’t break our trust into another coalition with the party that already refuse to accept Islamic State and always want others respect them rather than respect their coalition partners.

That’s is the political culture, always betrays others when had some issues that might not align with the leader and some political party always lead the party with their heir rather than being really democratic. Some political leader as i saw currently neither had quality as a leader nor had positive attitude but since their parent create the Party then they think they must lead the party.

It is show us as a dictatorship in modern era and also show us the current political situation is really bad nowadays. Its all my opinion.

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