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2016 Economy Perseption


A few week i read about Malaysian Economy will be screw down with many information from paper say that largest banking institution had closed down their branches. Some say that our Debt is too high compare with our income and also describe about our house hold debt keep increase.

First of all, we need to analysed why the company closed down their branches? I believe, nowadays people do a lot of their banking transaction through internet since lazy to take numbers at the counter and also had limited time compare to go to the branched then need to q and wasting time. When more people using their internet banking facilities, the branches that had old fashioned style will no longer available and banking need to improve their operation too.

That’s why  they closed more branches who got slow customers walk in into their premise. There is no wrong for them to do it that way. If we think, closing down will make employee working at that branches will loosing their job is absolutely wrong. Employer already think about that and will not simply cut off their job, they will be transfer to another department or another branches that need more people to do their job and also may send their employee for training with new technologies so that the employee will keep on track what changing in world banking institution.

We as a citizen also need to change to a new era. Change our mindset and change our attitude. We should’t stay in comfort zone if we want to success and changes make us mature.

Why house hold debt increase? That’s was a good question. First of all we need to define what is need and what is not. Some people get loan from banking facilities to purchase house and cars, etc. The problem is how we manage to balance between loan payment with lifestyle? If our lifestyle is more to spending than we will screw down and did’t had much money to pay loan.

Saving is another thing. Some think we need to save more money but where we save the money? Saving is not guarantee our asset will save for future. To make economy growth, we need to spend but not over spend. Remember that. Spend equally and always remember our future. Saving also good but saving our money not just in single basket.  Saving need to add with investment. Saving will not growth your asset. Invest do. Lets learn about Investment.




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